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QSI 683 - The Most Versatile CCD Camera

What makes the 8.3mp QSI 683 the most versatile CCD camera?

The QSI 683 offers the lowest noise, fast downloads, and exceptional cooling. It's small, light weight and power efficient. With the close spacing of its internal 5 or 8-position filter wheels you can save money by using smaller, less expensive filters and, with the shortest back focus, it works great with fast refractors, long focal length reflectors, and even HyperStar systems and camera lenses. You can even use the QSI 683 for doing precise photometry of variable stars or exoplanet research. Add the innovative WSG cover for the most compact, rigid and flexible integrated guiding solution.

8.3mp Sensor with High Sensitivity, Vanishingly Low Dark Current and 5.4µm Pixel
The 8.3mpTruesense Imaging KAF-8300 has revolutionized many aspects of scientific and astronomical imaging. With a small 5.4µm pixel and 8.3mp, the KAF-8300 provides 4 times the resolution of most large screen computer displays and makes beautiful 12 x 18" or even larger prints.

Truesense KAF-8300High Senstitivity. Peak QE of the KAF-8300 is 60%, remarkable for an anti-blooming sensor, with good sensitivity from 350nm to 1000nm.

Vanishingly Low Dark current. Dark current < 0.005 e¯/sec
@-20°C results in less then 3 electrons of thermal current in a 600 second image, so small that it becomes insignificant against the already low 8e¯ RMS of read noise.

The Right Size Sensor. With a diagonal measure of 22.5mm, the KAF-8300 is large enough to provide a wide Field of View (FOV) and still small enough to work with inexpensive 1.25" filters and be fully illuminated by most telescopes and microscopes.

Innovative State-of-the-art Camera Design
There's more to designing a great camera than just using a great sensor. The QSI 683 is designed from the ground up to provide the highest possible image quality, and be the most flexible, easiest to use cooled CCD camera available. What features are most important to you?

Fast downloads
The QSI 683 has dual read rates.  In High Speed mode the 8.3mp QSI 683 can download a full-frame image in about 1 second, even faster using a subframe or binning for framing and focusing. This makes focusing and framing a breeze. High Quality mode provide the lowest noise of any camera with the KAF-8300.

Bias Frame HistogramDeep cooling - Precisely regulated
The QSI 683 conservatively cools the CCD to 45C below ambient.   That allows you to hit -20C even on the warmest nights.  QSI cameras cool fast and maintain the desired set point to within less than 0.1C.  See this blog article for more on CCD cooling and dark current>>

Lowest Noise
Lower noise allows you to capture better images in less time!  The small amount of noise that is present in QSI cameras display a nearly perfect Gaussian distribution. That means you’ll reveal more faint details and spend less time processing the data to get your final image, making best use of your most valuable commodity -- time! See Why QSI for more details>>

Works Great With Your Telescope

QSI 683wsgEasy guiding with Innovative QSI 683wsg or wsg-8
QSI’s innovative WSG models offer the ultimate guiding solution.  By integrating the pick-off prism in front of the built-in filter wheel, the QSI 683 provides a simple, rigid solution with complete flexibility to use your current guide camera, or select a guide camera that offers the largest sensor and highest sensitivity available like the tiny SX Lodestar.  Read more about QSI’s WSG models here>>

Shortest back focus
The QSI 683 works with your telescope. With its integrated 5 or 8-position filter wheel, the QSI 683 offers the shortest possible back focus, meaning it works with more telescopes and microscopes, including fast Newtonians and even HyperStars.

Perfect Match for a Nice Refractor
The small pixels of the KAF-8300 means that you can capture higher resolution images with a short focal length instrument like a high quality refractor. With QSI’s thin even-illumination shutter and internal 5 or 8-position filter wheel the QSI 683 provides the shortest back focus of any filter wheel camera.  This allows the camera to be used with a wider variety of optics.  Even with the integrated guider port, QSI’s innovative WSG models can be used with almost every flattener/reducer and even fast Newtonians.

Bin 2x2 for use with an SCT or other Imaging Reflectors
For imaging with longer focal length telescopes, you can bin the 8.3mp sensor 2x2 to yield an almost perfect 10.8µm pixel. This increases the sensitivity of the sensor and provides a better image scale under typical seeing conditions. Plus the resulting images are still larger than most computer displays!

Use your Canon or Nikon lenses
The short back focus of QSI cameras allows you to use your Canon or Nikon lenses for wide field imaging, even extra wide angle lenses for Milky Way shots and other nightscapes.

QSI Auto-Focus bracketUltimate Grab and Go System for Guided Wide Field Imaging
With QSI’s Pentax 6x7 lens adapter, you can even do guided wide field imaging with your 683wsg and inexpensive, high quality Pentax 6x7 lenses.  Add the new QSI Auto-Focus bracket for the ultimate portable wide field imaging system>>

Image with Fast Optics - Even HyperStar
Because the internal filter wheel is positioned so close to the focal plane, the QSI 683 provides unvignetted images with optics as fast as f/3 using inexpensive 31mm filters.  Even at f/2 on a HyperStar, the small amount of vignetting in the corners is easily corrected with a flat field.  Speaking of the HyperStar, the 683ws is the only mono-filtered camera compatible with an 11” or 14” HyperStar.

Less Expensive Filters
The close spacing of the internal filter wheel on the QSI 683 also allows the use of smaller, less expensive filters.  Standard 1.25” threaded filters provide unvignetted images to about f/5.  And unmounted 31mm filters, which cost less than the 36mm filters required by other cameras, provide unvignetted images even with extremely fast scopes to about f/3.  If you’re planning to do any narrowband imaging, this can result in savings of hundreds of dollars – not to mention being smaller and lighter!

Precise PhotometrySelectable Gain
The QSI 683 has selectable gain to maximize the dynamic range of your images. The idea is to convert the number of electrons read from the sensor for any given (possibly binned) pixel and convert that into a number that fits into 16 bits (0-65,535). With selectable gain, the QSI 683 optimizes the charge conversion to provide the maximum dynamic range whether you’re imaging with 1x1 binning or higher.  See this blog article for more details on selectable gain>>

Scientific Imaging - Photometry, Spectroscopy and Astrometry
Linear response to 80% of full well depth and the lowest noise of any KAF-8300-based camera makes the QSI 683 very well suited for scientific imaging applications such as photometry and astrometry.  The AAVSO agrees using 2 QSI 683’s for the own variable star photometry.

QSI 600 Series Compact and Light Weight
QSI cameras are smaller and lighter than the competition.  By integrating the filter wheel and guide port directly into the camera, QSI WS and WSG models deliver a small, elegant, integrated package that puts less demand on your focuser and mount.

Low Power
The QSI 683 draws a maximum of 2 Amps at 12VDC even with cooling at 100%. That’s half the power requirements of many competing cameras. If you ever plan to run your camera on batteries at a remote location this can be critical. The QSI 683 will run up to twice as long on the same battery!

Best Value! Best value!
The QSI 683 is an exceptional value, even more so now with new lower prices on select 600 Series models including the popular 683 and 640Compare the total system cost.  1.25” and 31mm filters cost less than the 36mm or 48mm filters required by other cameras.  Especially if you plan to do any narrowband imaging, those savings can be substantial.  Every QSI camera includes a custom Pelican case and a complete set of standard accessories so you can begin imaging immediately.

Learn more on the QSI web site>>

Order a QSI 683 today!>>   Most popular models ship within one to two weeks!

Reviewers agree

In summary, I can honestly say that this is the best CCD camera
I’ve ever used.
- Nik Szymanek, Astronomy Now magazine

Such low noise, wow!... The results speak for themselves.
- Alan Smallbone, AstroPhoto Insight

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